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Jack's Blend (Decaf)

Jack's Blend (Decaf)

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Jack’s Blend is named for the quarter horse who has been resident at Zaca Creek Ranch since 2003. He was “green broke” when he arrived, meaning he was not really ready to be ridden. He learned to be the most reliable horse on the Ranch running down the cattle on the 1600 acres of open range. He’s the only horse who will buck if you pull him OFF a steer. A great horse with a great heart. But he’s getting older. Jack’s Blend is the decaf because our Jack needs to slow down and rest now. As one cowboy said, “still got the heart, ain’t got the legs.”

Jack’s Blend is Zaca Coffee’s answer to decaffeinated coffee. This blend is carefully roasted resulting in a smooth mouthfeel with highlights of milk chocolate and strawberry cream. Decaf drinkers will truly enjoy this fantastic roast. 

100% Colombia, Swiss Water Processed.

Whole Bean or Ground available.

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