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Walker's Blend

Walker's Blend

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Walker, the 800 lb Tamworth pig that lives at Zaca Creek Ranch, was the inspiration for Walker’s Cold Brew Blend. Pigs cannot cool themselves naturally and must wallow in mud or water to cool their bodies. In the summer heat, this is a great option for cooling off as well. Walker’s Cold Brew Blend is carefully designed for home cold brew preparation but is also a great hot brew blend. All of us at Zaca, and particularly Walker, hope you will enjoy the heat of the summer with a glass of Cold Brew to stay “chill”.

Walker’s Blend is a medium roast with hints of almond, dark chocolate, baking spice, and a touch of stonefruit. Ideal as a tasty cold brew or equally as tasty for your morning hot brew. A truly versatile and delicious blend that will delight all coffee lovers. 

Peru, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia

Whole Bean or Ground available.

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